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Upstream Power Pack update 2019-03-15

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As we mentioned last newsletter we moved all of our content and documentation to IT Glue. Note to IT Glue users in EU: You have to open the IT Glue documentation links mentioned in this post in a browser not currently logged in to your own IT Glue instance.

Check out our brand new IT Glue integartion with Hyper-V . With the help of Powershell, API and a Flexible Asset we pull important things like names and number of VM guests, hardware info like vCPU, vRAM, vHD paths, vSwitches etc. Read more in our ducumentaion section.

Check out our brand new IT Glue integration with Webroot. Schedule the Powershell audit script to run recurring directly against your Webroot GSM portal. Read more in our ducumentaion section.

New stuff for your Kaseya VSA

  • Audit the Hyper-V Host server name in a Custom Field directly from a Hyper-V guest system
  • Audit OneDrive Versions in a Custom Field
  • Create a Windows 10 system restorepoint
  • Reports for Kaseya VSA admin usage and Anti Virus health

Happy Power Packing

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17 March, 2019 • BY Ronny Tunfjord