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Upstream Power Pack Update

Turkey Edition 2019

The turkey holiday has arrived and along with it Black Friday crazieness. One thing is for sure, you can’t beat Upstream Power Pack. It’s free. We have spent some time cleaning up older Agent Procedures from our Kaseya VSA section. The work replicating most Agent Procedures to Powershell is also ongoing. Many of the more complex queries inside Agent Procedures is also getting a refresh with as much Powershell code as possible.

In the spotlight

  • We have added detailed Windows Event Logs in the Windows 10 compliance test Powershell script. The end result in Kaseya VSA can be seen here, but the same result can be achieved with any RMM.
  • New folder structure for the Windows 10 specific Kaseya VSA Agent Procedures. We have created sub folders for  Audit, Patch, Policy and System managment. Easy to navigate.
  • New Custom Field Audits from HDD model/serialnumber and GPU model/driver.
  • We hav also cleaned up any older scripts pointing to our deprecated Dattodrive file share.
  • Cleanup in genereal. Removed older retired scripts.

RMM Neutral Scripts

  • UPDATED: Win10Mgmt\RMM-Audit-Win10-ComputerComplianceTest.ps1: We added a detailed log in the System Even error if compliance test fails. This helps to better understand what part of the compliant test failed and why.

Kaseya VSA Agent Procedures

  • NEW: Audit – Windows 10 – Custom Field – Windows 10 – Compliance Test. Follow the instruction here to set it up.
  • NEW: Custom Field – Audit – Windows – Get GPU Model And Driver
  • NEW: Custom Field – Audit – Windows – Get HDD Model And Serial

Check out the new Upstream Power Pack stuff in our IT Glue documentation. Jump to release notes.

A friendly note: If you are running IT Glue in EU, please open the link in a browser not currently signed in to your own IT Glue account or use incognito mode. This also goes with the yellow “Download Upstream Power Pack” link below.

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Happy Power Packing!

/The Upstream team

28 November, 2019 • BY Ronny Tunfjord