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Upstream Power Pack Update

Upstream Power Pack just got updated!

Halloween edition 2019

Happy Halloween! It has been a while, and we have been quite busy tailoring new content. We have been adding two new products in our portfolio, one of them is Pulseway. The second one will be mentiond coming weeks, but it has to do with WVD. Upstream will be at ConnectIT 2019 in Amsterdam (formerly KasyeaConnect) next week. Hope to meet as many Power Packers as possible. Don’t forget to join our Slack channel as most conversation and development is made there.

In the spotlight

  • Our brand new Windows 10 Compliance test! This will help you get control of a large armada of Windows 10 machines. Various compliance tests like Win Update, Reboot, Firewall & AV enabled and Event Log Error entries will be tested and the result is either Compliant YES or NO. It’s that easy! And yes, we will keep on adding more tests.

  • Let’s welcome Pulseway to Upstream Power Pack, our latest RMM addition in our growing MSP portfolio.

Upstream Power Pack release notes

Upstream Power Pack main document

A friendly note: We are using IT Glue for all of our Upstream Power Pack documentation. If you are running IT Glue in EU, please use a web browser not currently signed in to your IT Glue account (or user incognito) in order to open the documenatation links above.

Latest release notes

IT Glue
  • Updated: CloudApplications.ps1: Added “Managed By Us”, “Containg Personal Data”.
  • Updated: OnPremApps.ps1: Added “Managed By Us”, “Containg Personal Data”.
  • Updated: ITGlue-VMHost-FeedFlexibleAssetHyperV.ps1: Now using MAC to tag existing Configurations.
  • Updated: ITGlue-VMHost-FeedFlexibleAssetVMware.ps1: Now using MAC to tag existing Configurations.
  • Updated: ITGlue-Webroot-FeedFlexibleAsset.ps1: Now using MAC to tag existing Configurations.
RMM Neutral Scripts
  • New: RMM-Audit-Win10-ComputerComplianceTest.ps1: Compliance test for Windows 10 comuters.
Pulseway (NEW)
  • New: Pulseway Event Log filters. Common Event Errors for Alerting.
  • New: Policy examples for Servers and Workstations.
  • New: Monitor-AddServicesToPulsewayMonitoring.ps1. Add Auto services to Pulseway Monitoring except a blacklist.
  • New: Monitor-RemoveServicesFromPulsewayMonitoring.ps1. Remove named services from Pulseway Monitoring.
Kaseya VSA Agent Procedures
  • New: Audit – Windows 10 – Custom Field – Windows 10 – Compliance Test. Our new Win10 Compliance Powershell test.

Happy Power Packing

/The Upstream team

1 November, 2019 • BY Ronny Tunfjord