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Upstream Power Pack Update

Upstream Power Pack just got updated!

Summer Edition 2019
We reverted back to a single XML file for Kaseya VSA Agent Procedures and Reports. It became to messy having one XML file for each sub directory. Instead we now indicate whats new by entering a date in all the sub folders. The result will be one new folder called “Upstream Power Pack (date)” each time you import. You can easily see what individual sub folders have been updated. Pick and choose the Agent Procedures and Reports you want and put them in your own production folders. Easy as pie!
In the spotlight
  • Check for MS SQL 2008/R2 Servers by using our new report. They are unsupported and floating dead in the water since 2019-07-09.
  • We have updated our Windows 10 unsupported build report. We updated the non supported build list from the official Microsoft page: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-information/
  • Windows Experience Index to check the performance of any Windows 10 machine.

Latest release notes

Kaseya VSA Agent Procedures
  • New: Audit – Windows 10 – Custom Field – Get Windows Experience Index (WEI). Audit if a machine is worthy.
  • Updated: Audit – Windows 10 – Custom Field – Get Disk Encryption Status. We now use a Powershell one-liner instead of manage-bde.
  • Updated: Custom Field – Audit – Windows – Get SMART Status. We now use a Powerhell one-liner instead of a 3:rd party command tool.
  • Updated: Audit – Windows – Is Machine Domain Joined. Added the option to create a ticket by email.
  • Updated: Audit – Windows – Is Windows Activated. Reverted error logic. Anything NOT equal to 1 indicates problems with Windows OS license activation. Added the option to create a ticket by email.
Kaseya VSA Reports
  • New: Audit – Security – Unsupported MS SQL 2008 and 2008R2. Did you know support for 2008 SQL is dead?
  • Updated: Audit – OS – Windows 10 Not Supported Builds. Updated build list in the like/not like statements.

Upstream Power Pack release notes

Upstream Power Pack main document

A friendly note: We are using IT Glue for all of our Upstream Power Pack documentation. If you are running IT Glue in EU, please use a web browser not currently signed in to your IT Glue account (or user incognito) in order to open the documenatation links above.

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Happy Power Packing

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11 July, 2019 • BY Ronny Tunfjord