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Take control of your IT environment with automated processes
01 About us


Upstream has long experience of cooperation with the internal IT departments. We help to streamline internal processes with innovative product solutions and smart working.

We eliminate manual repetitive work that might conducted unnecessarily and out of qualified staff. Instead, we create a proactive automated IT management that frees up time for the internal IT staff to perform more stimulating measures.

We have over ten years of experience from IT automation and are way ahead of many of our competitors. We no longer offer only products, but organizational development, pre packaged automation and professionell advice.  Since 1997 we’ve gathered valuable information that makes it possible for you and your business to grow along side with us, use that!

Our vision is “Scandinavia’s most efficient customers”, join us on our journey!

02 Process

This is how it works

  • Analysis


    We begin by shedding light on current challenges that have been found in dialogue with you. Often there’s not only one area of challenges, but a few that are intertwined. They can vary from technical and organizational to questions regarding profitability and efficiency.

  • Visualization


    Upstream then presents the different alternatives that meet the decided requirements. Together we concretize what needs to be done on either part, and what we hope to achieve.

  • Proof of Value

    Proof of Value

    At this point we will work in a project form where it is up to us at Upstream to prove what value we along with the technology can bring your organization.

  • Decision


    After finished project, we summarize the result of how we can meet the challenges and lessons we’ve learned during the project.

  • Launch


    Here we go! At this point all question marks should’ve been straightened. We make sure the product has been installed and configured according to the requirements and that all important involved people are educated.

  • Continued development

    Continued development

    Here begins our cooperation to reach top notch automated IT. Despite clever functions and automated routines that we’ve set up, there are always areas on which you can improve. IT is in constant change and we know what it takes to be on the leading edge. Our priority is that our customers get the advice, development and support that they need. Where it is necessary, we will question our own and our customers way of work. Welcome to Upstream!

How do you reach higher efficiency?



As a customer of Upstream, you’re not only investing in a product, but also a partnership. A collaboration that involves continuous development of the technology you use, and the processes you work with.
• We help you create complete visibility and control of your entire IT environment
• We provide unique software and related efficient processes
• We are your trusted advisor and energy boost that always strive to help you to continue to find new projects and more efficient processes
• Our local support is hugely appreciated by our customers

“Upstream has helped us to create complete visibility and control that has really simplified the daily work of our IT organization,”
– Marek Piechnat CIO, Wise Group



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