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Webinar: Auvik

Next gen network monitoring now in the Nordics!

Upstream is proud to introduce Auvik Network Management Solution in the Nordics. We know that Network uptime & performance is more important than ever when services & applications is moved to the cloud.

Many IT consultants struggle with time consuming monitoring systems that in the end won´t give you the important information you need. Instead you spend time on alerts that don´t matter.



Auvik offers more than ordinary monitoring solution. How about getting monitoring up and running for almost all vendors of network devices, with zero effort. How about clickable network maps in realtime or backup of devices configurations. And why not remote control without VPN.

For more information: https://en.upstream.se/product/auvik/

Day: Wednesday 7th of November
Time: 15.00



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    Day: Wednesday 7th of November
    Time: 15.00