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Today, businesses expect their IT networks to just work. Kind of like electricity, silently functioning in the background. When networks don’t work, businesses grind to a halt. Because with everything in the cloud, networks are the gateway to what employees need to do their jobs.

To really own the responsibility of keeping the network running, successful MSP needs to:

  • Know about network problems before their clients do
  • Provide strategic guidance to evolve the network to meet their client’s business needs
  • Minimize network risk to the business

Simple to say. Really hard to do in a way that doesn’t kill your profit margins. That’s because network management is messy. It usually involves time-intensive manual tasks like:

  • Typing commands into a command line
  • Create and upate network maps
  • Backing up device configs
  • Manage network devices from hundreds of possible vendors

Auvik’s cloud-based network management software reduces the complexity of managing a network to simple, automated steps. With Auvik, you’ll know about network issues before your clients do. You can give clients strategic guidance to evolve their networks to meet their business needs. And you’ll reduce network risk. All in a way that’s efficient, productive, and profitable for you. Auvik is network management for MSPs.


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Born in the cloud

Don't spend time patching your tools. Auvik is fully cloud based. No maintenance or patches required.

Fast installation

Add new client networks to your management in minutes. Instantly discover and map customers networks.

Visual interface

Forget clunky CLIs. A beautiful, intuitive design makes Auvik easy and enjoyable to use.

Scales to your business

One monthly subscription fee, scaled to the size of your client base. Boost your Network-as-a-Service offering without straining your budget.


A beautiful, intuitive design makes Auvik easy and enjoyable to use.

Fully automated and interactive network maps. No more Visio.

Remote manage network devices directly from the web page.

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