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IT Glue

Documentation can actually be fun!

Documentation is a big challenge for may IT companies, no doubt. It looks like a mess out there. The documentation process does not look the same for each customer. Important parts of the information is missing or poorly documented. Critical key information stays in the head of employees and disappears when he or she decides to leave the company. To cure a mediocre documentation process you need a solution built for the purpose. IT Glue gives you results from day one.

IT Glue is filled with functionality to maximize documentation of customers IT environment. Create generic and organizational specific documentation with the help of standardized processes for networking, operating systems, applications, installations, passwords and more.



Documentation the easy way

Use the built-in templates, guides, checklists and processes to save time and deliver high quality documentation. Document computers, servers, applications, networks, installations, processes, passwords an all other IT related information in a standardized way.

Protect and share

Create groups and access rights to your documenation. Secure logon with two-factor (2FA) och single sign-on (SSO). Trace user activity with extensive audit trails. Recover deleted information in a single click. Share information securely with your customers and partners.


Use your current tools for import, integration and synchronization. With over 20 built-in integrations and rich API support you can create bridges between you other systems n your company.


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