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RelayFax is integrated to an existing e-mail system (e.g., MDaemon, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes) and therefore it is as easy to send and receive faxes as it is with e-mail.

RelayFax network fax server management software automates sending, receiving, and managing your network faxes from your desktop, while integrating full faxing functionality with your existing email system



Receive faxes to your inbox

RelayFax converts incoming faxes to PDF format and sends them by e-mail to the recipient.

Avoid fax spam

You can blacklist senders that only send advertisement faxes to you.

Send faxes from your PC

You can send faxes directly from your e-mail program, quickly and simply.


RelayFax - GUI

RelayFax - Fax Log Activity

RelayFax - Mail Server Settings

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