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Secure File Transfer Software

When only the best is good for sharing files on the Internet. FTP Serv-U is one of the world’s most popular FTP servers.

Serv-U FTP server for Windows and Linux supports SFTP (SSH), secure FTP (FTPS), web transfers, and remote admin. Access files from anywhere via mobile devices, and avoid data at rest in the DMZ with our MFT gateway.
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Security features

A number of security features in Serv-U make it a stable platform for Internet-relayed file sharing.

Intergation with FTP-Voyager

For optimal functionality, we recommend that you use FTP Voyager as the FTP client.

Fast transfers

The integrated compression engine shortens transfer times.

Web based client
Multiple protocols per domain
WAN optimized replication
Virtual Hosts


If you can send email, you can send files with Serv-U's secure file sharing interface. The first "Send Files" screen requires you to enter the recipient's email address. Optional fields let you add a personal message, override expiration settings, and set a password to protect your files.

Transfer files from anywhere with Serv-U FTP Server. An intuitive Web client interface allows you to perform drag-and-drop file transfer.

Serv-U provides almost all its administrative capabilities online.

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