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Visma Retail

“Visma have with it’s collaboration with Upstream gotten a partner that in all their undertakings shows great expertise in the areas that they deliver solutions. Upstream exudes professionalism in everything they do and are constantly striving to help it’s customers to become more efficient and profitable.
With the help of the Kaseya solution Visma has achieved a higher efficiency and quality in the areas Configuration & Deployment, Security Management, Asset Management, Proactive Maintenance to name a few. This has led us to perform major commitments in less amount of staff with increased quality.
We have through the Kaseya solution and Upstream’s expertise built up a delivery of standardized IT operations services with a focus on proactivity, automation and efficiency as the basis to support our customers’ business processes. We have built up the trust of our customers who rely on us as we’re now acting proactive instead of reactive.”

– Fabian Mogren, Visma Retail