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This is what we do…

Upstream constantly looking for smart alternatives to traditional ways of working. Thanks to this we’ve managed to find products and ways of working that opens new opportunities. Opportunities to work more mobile, more preventative and more efficiently. Innovative IT solutions that help businesses to grow.
We complement the solutions with our extensive experience, sharp skills and personalized customer support. Our ambition is to find technologies and methods that make life easier. Moreover, we believe in long-term and steady development. Mainstream is often quite dull. Upstream is more fun!

02 Vår resa

Once upon a time...

… there was a man named George Brontén who thought that the software offered on the market was too mainstream. He conducted a massive survey of Swedish IT Service Providers and laid down the foundation for the core of Upstream right there.
The journey began in 1997. In a time when many thought that only a handful of dragons were competent enough to produce good software, we realized that there were more efficient solutions out there to be found. That is still a major part of what makes Upstream unique, a real desire and aspiration to look outside the framework for the best solutions and to not accept ‘good enough’.

The IT world evolves and structures changes. Today IT is a self-evident part of any organization, big or small.
For Upstream this is where the journey begins for real. When the software giants conjures up beautiful images of how their solution solves everything, for everyone, we know that it is never that simple. The most important thing is not the supplier’s market capitalization, but to ensure that the right skills and the solution meets the specific needs. That is what makes the difference.

To go upstream for us means to go against the current and prioritize the the specific needs and solutions for your organization. We have the flexible alternatives. And by listening carefully we come closer to the needs. It provides better accuracy – saving time, profanity and money. Most importantly, it leads to more efficient IT.

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